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Rates and Fees

Service rates for Process Service/Court Filing
Please Note: To give you more personal service is what we prefer. We basically charge on a per call basis. If you call us we can give you a much better idea of what the cost will be. We are honest, fast, and fair. Some still prefer a rate list so we have listed a basic break down of what we charge (email us for a list or quote ). Bare in mind your case may be more or less pending on the actual work done and time spent.
*Services incurring extra mileage will incur slightly higher fees.
IMPORTANT The fees are based on a “Routine” Service.
This means our Process Server will make a FIRST attempt within 72 hours of receiving service of process to be attempted in Georgia. Service fee is based on per person/per address given by client. Routine Service of process for out of state is attempt within 10 days of receiving service of process depending on location as service may vary from state to state.